The Wife From Heaven

Oct 19, 2012

It’s not often that I get a verbal scenario to carry out but today a new slave entered the chambers requesting just that. He wanted a domineering wife, someone who has suddenly changed her attitude and puts him in his rightful place! Now, I admit that never being married and always being dominant meant shifting into role, but boy it comes along pretty easily (and i pity any male who end up tied to me for life with a ring lol). Role-play is extremely fun, but only with the right person. When i say the right person what I really mean is a counterpart who will chirp in the odd comment to keep the dialogue going. I have some slave who comes to mind that does things beautifully, arriving with his paraphernalia to really take on board the inspector, parking attendant, army officer, policeman etc basically any role I throw his way he embraces. However, this is a little different with a newbie subbie. Nevertheless, my slave today did an excellent job, putting up protests at the right moment, voicing his concerns at my plans to only feed his scraps from my plate (and the problem is??). i mean, informing him that his life will be spent serving me meals, washing ironing and performing his tasks wearing nothing other than a collar. His working life will continue with some suitable alterations, he is to be given a £50 a week budget to live on, the rest of his wages will be paid directly to me. There will be no more flirting with the 20 year old office floozy as my ‘husband’ will be in permanent chastity. I of course showed him the array of devices at my disposal. Suddenly, my chastised male was concerned about ‘making love’. “it’s ok dear” I informed him, “there will be plenty of sex, I’ve got a wonderful young stud to keep me happy, I won’t be going without”.

Of course I needed to reinforce the regime, I added a straight jacket and marched him round the dungeon, fixing him to my medical bench and inserting my fingers, toys and plugs into him rectum. I attached pegs to his balls and nipples reminding him of how lucky he is to have such a wonderful wife such as I, after all we could go down the route of the divorce court, I’d clean out his cash and leave him with nothing and then there would he be, I doubt the floozy at work would be interested in a poor old man! So, better that we get things straight from here on in and then life would be a much happier place to be. After all, all my friends have put their husbands on a tight leash; I know he would feel much better eating dinner under the table at my feet, so much more respectful.
Soon enough time passed, my impression was left and off my ‘husband wandered’, tail between his legs but a happy smile in place.

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