To Spain Ola!!

Jun 12, 2012

Yes it was a successful trip to film in the mountains at a secluded villa with my slave girl, slaves and a few friends thrown in for good measure for the last few days, I can happily report. To feel the heat on my skin, the breeze on my ass (in a rubber thong by a pool is always nice) and best of all spend the time being waited on hand and foot. So, you may ask yourself, how was the break for my slaves??? Planning started early on as there is never enough hours in the day as far as I'm concerned, to manage, to play and film ,all, l of what I want. Especially when you quickly realise that optimum filming time is very early in the morning or late in the evening as the heat cannot be described when my poor slaves were hooded etc. This meant some early mornings, something that poor Sherry is particularly adverse too. However, I had too many scenes to cover and only limited time to achieve what I needed.

Breakfast for Mistress is always an important affair. Let's just say woe betide any slave who doesn't get my poached eggs on toast to perfection. Where the hell is my coffee??? Of course Id ironed out the morning routine for my slaves straight away and battle commenced. To let spill  the exploits would of course spoil some of my exclusive footage. However let's just say that the 'Olympic boxer hopeful' got more than he bargained for, 'Sherry desert was demolished' and the 'morning with Ruff' was not to be missed. Check the site for regular updates.

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