To the Manor bound!

Jan 5, 2011

Bank holidays, a relaxing time....well not at Hanwell Manor. Today should have been a relatively straight forward day. I had arranged for my chastity slave (who has not cum in 13 weeks) to attend the chambers of one of my dominant female friends for a prolonged ‘fuck him till he screams’ type session. I arranged for his arrival at my premises to collect his keys. Luckily enough he was early and boy was it a good job he was, there had been a leaking pipe which had caused devastation to the ceiling and the dungeon floor. Thank God he had the ability to fix the plumbing issue and my darling maid did all the cleaning to get the premises back to its former glory. As luck would also have it, Id also arranged for two other slaves to attend to do some minor lucky am I to have both a competent plumber and a fully qualified electrician on the exact day I needed work done, phew!!!! Plans now have been made to get my new ceiling replaced this month, ahead of schedule but definitely needed.

Todays sessions have been varied as always and lots of fun. Best of all a relatively new slave has been happy to take some images of his bondage and torture, these will grace the pages of the members site in early Feb. What a pretty pink rubber dress he wore, plus a tight black number for some full on nipple torture.

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