Tour Of Torment

Aug 9, 2013

I was very pleased that Domina Boss had liked my idea of a 'compound tour', so much so that she laid on a 'naked tour guide' to complete the experience for me. The compound, located in Pittsburgh, is a truly awe inspiring place, divided across a number of floors (basement, ground first and second) with separate slave entrances, mistress guest chambers, multiple medical rooms, chambers, library, cells etc. The entire premises are a warren of deviant doors and dominant delights, all dedicated to the complete BDSM experience.

I felt privileged that Domina Irene had had taken the time to arrange my tour of her complete premises. My slave guide worked his way around the entire establishment, taking care to detail every facet of its equipment and attributes for my full attention. Domina irene had a very bad fire here in 2009, I learned: a devastating thing indeed, but, in a true fetishist style, she rebuilt her empire and continued. ‘What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger’ I thought, and thanks to her support network, she pulled through it. The compound is so extensive that it is easy to get lost here and even the experienced slave forgot his well-planned route: a fact which will undoubtedly earn him severe punishment when his carelessness is dealt with in due course. The 'tour-guide' slave was one of her collared subs, who had tried to be helpful, although that did not help him one iota when we got down to discussing his numerous wrong turns (silly boy).

Starting the scene on the electric cross, Domina Irene and I got to flex our arm muscles with repeated 'warming up' of the slave, working his ass and back with floggers, whips and (later in the scene) canes. We were also using electro-stim and some serious, very, very, heavy weight on his balls (‘the can’ as it is known). Knowing my electro preferences, Irene was gracious enough to let me run wild with all of the settings and speeds: mega fun indeed, I can tell you.

All too soon, however, we moved to another room to use some shrink wrap and then the heavy canes in order to help the slave by wiping his slate clean of his silly offences. The entire scene in all its sadistic glory will be available on DVD in the not too distant future. Watch this space for details.

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Medical Room Dungeon Room Suspension Room