Dec 9, 2015

I do very much enjoy creating a little frisson of fear whenever possible in my clients even before they walk through the door of my Hanwell clinic for whatever medical treatment has drawn them to my side. That made it all the more enjoyable to order one of my cross-dressing young ladies to arrive already fully made up and dressed en femme for me, knowing that she would have a nervous walk, from where she had to park the car in a public car park to, my reach door. After sending him for his shower I rebuked him for not looking feminine enough for me and informed him that he was going to spend the next few hours being totally transformed at my Hanwell Gender Reassignment Clinic. The first step was a full makeover of his make up by a professional make up artiste that I recruited just for the job although these cosmetic issues were merely the start. Now I had to tackle his body to turn him into as close a clone of me as we could manage. I pick myself as the model for these session, of course, because with my 32FF breasts and gorgeous figure I am, after all, the perfect woman role model to which my slaves should aspire. The perfect result is a `slut` version of Mistress, exaggerating all of my female charms.

The breasts in this case were nowhere near large enough and so the first step in the transformation from man to woman was a saline drip into each side of his chest, letting the fluid slowly seep in to enlarge the tissue into something at least resembling a woman,s cleavage. It took two full bags of saline into each breast before I was satisfied enough to turn my attention elsewhere, a little lower down on his/her body. My client was soon strapped onto my medical bench, his legs widely separated to give me an unobstructed view of what treatment I needed to apply next. Some skilfully applied sutures into his cock gave me the means to bend it over upon itself and tuck it neatly away out of sight so that a line of medical staples could keep it more permanently from view in cleverly constructed `mangina.` This was followed by a line of careful sutures to ensure that the client who had arrived as a man now looked for all the world like the woman slut he longs to be. His little slit of a mangina was straining to let his cock free but nurses`s treatment withstood the pressure beautifully.

For the final test it was necessary to release his cock enough suck it into the wanking machine so that I could begin the lengthy process of emptying his balls of the last vestige of his masculinity contained in his man-filth spunk. Making him watch films of similar medical procedures on the wall video screen while he was still tied down and unable to touch himself, seemed to do the trick. After a successful milking he was sent on his ways, his tears of gratitude enough of a thank you to his dedicated nurse - until the next time!


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