Travelling Torpedo

Sep 29, 2012

One particularly disobedient slave learned the true cost of being cheeky to his Mistress this week, with a dose of highly-public humiliation that will hopefully teach him never to misbehave again. Knowing that he hates public embarrasment, I instructed him to carry a little gift from me in his hand luggage, when he flew on a business trip to Europe through several security-concious international airports. He begged and pleaded for mercy but I remained resolute: my biggest, heaviest, metal electric butt plug deserved an outing, and there was a handy space in his hand luggage. The arse-filler plug I had selected really is an eye-watering size and would, I knew, attract a lot of attention in those endless lines waiting to go through the x-ray security scanners. The size of a baby's forearm and equipped with sockets to attach to my electric boxes, it would be hard for even the most broad-minded of security staff to believe that it would ever fit in even a highly-strecthed arsehole. Sure enough, my hapless slave was duly told to open his case and was asked for an explanation of what this electrical device was and what it actually did. Several of the Heathrow security staff, including one woman officer who couldn't keep the smile off her face, had gathered to watch as the officer in charge asked if the device unscrewed and opened-up, and why there were electrical circuits inside. As the red-faced slave tried to explain that it was simply 'a sex toy,' he was informed that all large electrical devices (along with laptops) should be placed separately for security control, rather than being hidden away in his case.


To make it worse the slave then had to repack the shiny metal butt plug away in his case, while being warned that some other airports may take the matter a little more seriously if they thought that the odd-shape on the X-ray screens was an offensive weapon, rather than being simply something designed to offend his rectum. It was all, of course, hilarious fun for me, and a valuable lesson for him that trying to be clever with his Mistress will always bring unexpected retribution. All I have to do now is work out what the wretch's punishment will be after he confessed that on the return trip he disobeyed my explicit instructins and checked-in his little hand-luggage case to the aircraft hold, rather than face the renewed humiliation and possible threat to his liberty of carrying it through security once again. The obvious punishment will be tucking the butt-plug away where it should be, deep inside his rear, with the current turned-up to uncomfortable levels. To be honest, the dildo is a little larger than any he has ever managed before, but I do believe a slave should be constantly testing his limits to be worthy of serving me.

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