Turn to the Slave Side

Oct 11, 2012

Strapped in my cage that hoists the most unfortunate to the cell block, but this time only a few inches off the floor, we find a trussed and tied ‘Maid Barbara’ in her particular serving attire, covered in a straight jacket and hood, gagged and rope bound and impaled on a dildo. I hope I’m effectively setting the scene with you as I’d be lying if Babs looked anything other than utterly pathetic. I love to compound matters by installing the fear of God with some ‘aroma play’ plus a plastic bag on standby to really terrify. Whimpering is something Babs does so well, it would be a shame to not force the disorientation by letting the cage slowly rotate, backwards and forward leaving Babs wondering where the next voice of menace will whisper next.

There is nothing like watching plastic of the thinnest variety enter the nostrils, slowly get sucked into the mouth with the gallant Mistress saving the day. Next the psycho drama as yours truly demonstrates a multi personality and a half, softly speaking and offering a kind word, sudden annoyance  erupting; Pain, Pleasure, Tease and Denial circling the senses. I can easily trap this slut for hours and hours and I need her to know that no one will come running to save her.

Barbara, now suitably broken down and near tears sheepishly wanders to the whipping bench. Ive a plan and a half to show her how I can play with scent to make her mine. Trussing her in a kneeling position but able to see in the mirror, her hands form the rest for a dog bowl filled with my piss, her head fixed just above so delicious scents fill her nose. Even better the drool gag leaves her offerings in the bowl. Electrics fill her ass, balls and cock, the humbler pulls her balls back so she dare not move. What better way to finish off that a ruined orgasm collected and added to the bowl. Now sobbing with utter frustration she must kneel before her Mistress and consume. There is no way out until every drop has gone. CRUEL yes, necessary Oh Yes.

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