Tweedle Dumb and Dumber

Feb 10, 2015

 Multi-days are always fun, but my joint session with Miss Mighty and several of our wretched slaves was a true feast of giggles and merriment for we Mistresses , if not necessarily for the subbies who found themselves strapped up and tied together in my Hanwell dungeons in all sorts of entertaining positions. The festivities started with a bang when one of Miss Mighty’s acolytes suddenly spunked all over himself without any permission whatsoever while she was still busying herself attached electrodes to his cock and balls. Naturally, I got involved as well to dream up a suitable punishment for such bad behaviour and we decided that he should stay tied tightly onto the bondage throne but be reduced to just a spectator to the punishments we were inflicting on his fellow multi-day partygoers.

My belief is that there’s no point in having lots of slaves in the same room unless we make every effort for them to get to know each other a little better. To that end, we suspended from the ceiling one slave in a strait jacket and another in front of him dressed only in rubber suit and a leather body harness. I soon had ropes joining them together by their tight collars while Miss Mightly got to work attaching ropes to all sorts of other tender parts of their body. I think my idea to add electrics to their butt-plugs as well as to their cock and balls was pure genius because everytime we upped the current, they both danced in their harnesses to pull on each other’s bits.
My fellow domme and I were laughing so much that we even took pity on the miserable slave who had cum already and combined our efforts to make him climax again in double quick time. I could see the envy in my suspended slave’s eyes as they continued suffering the pain and discomfort with not the slightest attention to their poor frustrated bollocks. Their lust was made even harder for them to bear by the fact that under Miss Mighty’s expert hands our seated and satiated client was now rushing headlong towards his third climax of the day. When he came I could see out of the corner of my eye that my policy of tease and denial to the others was working wonderfully well.

As a finale to the party day, Miss Might showed off her ropes skills to artistically tie our two frustrated slaves together side by side in front of my suspension room mirror wall. They looked like Dum and Dumber (or perhaps tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum) sitting close together, hooded, gagged, with their arses filled with plugs and only able to stare at the reflection in front of them. When I suggested tying each of their hands to the other’s thighs, dangerously close to their frustrated cocks, we turned down the lights and sat back and enjoyed this romantic little moment of two hetrosexual slaves getting up close and personal with each other.
Naturally we couldn’t leave them sitting comfortably for too long and it was all too soon the time to strap each of them, side by side, over my whipping bench so that Miss Mighty and I could get to work with our biggest strap-ons. I was feeling so greedy that I even tried something new: two strapons attached to my hips so that one could rape an arse while the other was bouncing against the slave’s balls. We added in a little vibrator buzzing to the end of their cocks but, to their true horror, I decided against letting either of them climax. We had, after all, already seen three orgasms in one afternoon (admittedly all from the sale lucky slave) and that felt like enough male filth to deal with in one day.

I swear I saw a little tear in the eyes of one of my loyal slaves as he was set free, told to shower and leave with no hint of when – if ever – I might let him climax again. It was probably a tear of pure joy and gratitude for me being such a thoughtful Mistress… wasn’t it?

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