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Dec 17, 2012

 Ok it takes a while sometimes to get on board with the latest social media, but finally I’ve got on and created a profile with Twitter. Not only that, I’m less than a week in and I’m multi tasking by bringing my phone into sessions to update the latest images as they happen. Of course these images are as raw as they come but they certainly give a fly on the wall feel to life in Hanwell Manor. For those of you new to Twitter too, if you look at my site you will see my latest tweets featured on the homepage. I hope to update this daily so keep an eye on the site for the latest updates and Mistress Musings.

It’s a bit addictive actually, I use Face book privately but have got a tad bored with that, it’s far more fun posting mini rambles with images. I guess the image part is indeed the key to it all, a picture does after all paint a very clear message to my style of play. So, watch, follow and enjoy, who knows even YOU may be featured on your next visit!

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