Two for T Girl

Jan 16, 2012

This week has been very eventful. It started with Arnolds next visit and first weigh in since the ‘base line’ measurements and let’s just say he has done himself proud. In no less than 10 days he has lost HALF A STONE and his body measurements are dramatically different. A very controlled diet and rigorous nightly exercise (with the added threats from my alter ego, Miss Boot Camp) have certainly helped to achieve his targets. However its far too early to be resting on your laurels Arnold, you’ve started on my 12 week programme and Nurse Despair is always on hand with enema pump to assist with manual evacuations.

Next on the agenda for another of my other stable was a double dose of medical treatment, but with a difference. I say double dose as my slave booked a 2 hour session and a 3 hour session on consecutive days. As his treatment revolves around the medical centre concentrating on his re-breathing, anal play needle therapy, I’ve often felt that this particular patient could benefit from an additional pair or hands. He has met Sherry previously, my student nurse is very accommodating but I decided to do some research for two particular ladies ‘with a little something extra’.

After some extensive searching, two were selected; both very different and both with there own special skills. I will of course not name any names but I have a feeling they will feature in the future on my sites. More on this soon.

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