Ultimate Surrender

Oct 9, 2013

Good bondage takes time; great bondage takes a lot of time. The challenge for me as The Bondage Mistress, however, is that options for total immobilisation, which is always my goal, are somewhat limited during an hour and a half long session. On top of that enough bondage is never really enough. When one is starting with just a simple sling position, one might imagine that my aim of extreme restriction would be hard to achieve? Wrong! Place a willing victim in a straight jacket, bondage booties, head harness, hood and gag; follow this up with leg straps to pin poor subbie into a vulnerable, exposed, legs-spread arrangement and 'voila,' my first restrictive position is achieved. Oh, and did I forget to mention the multitude of ropes and straps to keep the arms in place and the urgent arrival of a fucking machine to seal the deal. swinging the slave onto the waiting cock, then fastening the balls with rope to the machine and letting the electric motor take over. I did, of course, find it necessary to force repeated thrusts with ever increasing speed into the onto the subbie's rear to ram home the point that today I mean business.

That is merely the start of the wave of sensations he will need to endure. There are many ways to conduct a session but they all gradually increase the demands upon my sub, bringing in waves and crescendos of feelings; peaks and troughs all orchestrated by me as I conduct the slave to the climax of his torment and pain artistic composition. This is a good day to offer a total 'Mind Fuck.' As soon as I move the slave into Position Two in the bondage chair he starts to relax. 'Oh, this is comfortable' he comments - rather foolishly in the circumstances when I am feeling particularly in the mood for strict bondage. He may well think he's comfortable now but I've only just started.

On top of the straight jacket, posture collar, and bondage booties I've added a body harness which offers me a multitude of possibilities to fix ropes and straps and which serves to gradually immobilise and stretch his limbs in a variety of directions. Because such attention to details takes time, the slave only slowly realises just how utterly fixed in place he is now becoming. He is now being affected by the natural endorphin's released as he is excited by the visual impact of all the equipment now decorating his body. (Did I mention that I'd moved his chair in front of the mirror) Seeing him from all angles is also helpful to me. It helps to highlight all of the tiny details that makesl bondage such a fascinating game to play. Was that a tiny movement of his hand? I'd better tie the loop of the jacket down with rope. Did I see his head twitch? I'd better attach a heavy-duty gas mask with neoprene hood to secure his head to the back of the chair. Is his face slightly tilted perhaps? Let's organise some shrink wrap to seal the deal. OK... I will allow a little eye movement....this time.

Now I have the slave's undivided attentions, it's time to select my thin, twine-like ropes to pull his balls in four directions at once: the north, south, east and west arrangement, as I affectionately call it. I would never, of course, make the silly mistake of forgetting to add electrics as I go along. Possibly an additional helmet tie is needed for extra security? What about a bicep strap to pull the arms further back? Ironically, its only after a first rush of pleasure, that explosion of his senses that the slave truly understands his plight.

With the bubble burst, the true extent of his discomfort and his abject and ultimate surrender is finally revealed. As each layer is removed and he is allowed a little more movement each time, my slave comes to realise how truly trapped and helpless he was. 'Wow,' he says

'Don't worry', I think, 'you'll get evenmore bondage next time...'

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