Urgent Treatment Required

Jan 28, 2013

 Well known at many clinics, ‘Patient M,’ as he will be referred to here, has a reputation for attempting to escape, so when he arrived at the Hanwell Medical Institute for Research and Development, I took no chances. As the head of the facility, I did of course know Patient M’s history and had dealt with his problems before. Each visit however needs to be well planned and executed over a prolonged period because of Patient M’s tragic affliction. He suffers from a strong mental imbalance that causes violent outbursts. The disturbed mind reacts differently to the norm and therefore unpredictability is the key factor that must be considered at all times. Restraint, partial sedation and a calm reassuring, but authoritative tone, imparts the necessary message that Patient M IS in very safe and experienced hands, I know how to deal with conditions such as these and above all there is to be no deviation from my path of heavy bondage, electro therapy, invasive treatments, calming nova pro and of course breath play.

I should mention here that the majority of patients who attend Hanwell are extremely intelligent, articulate and generally occupy positions of great trust and power from all walks of life. It comes therefore as no surprise that some of these patients can be manipulative, especially with inexperienced staff. However luckily for Patient M, this was not the case here. Experienced hands helped start him on his calming journey that began with an explanation of the rules. Nurses are not here for his sexual gratification: attempting to touch, stroke or coerce the medical staff in any way was indeed unacceptable and would bring consequences. There would be no climaxing whilst his penis was being manipulated and the ‘tease and denial’ programme that I’ve championed for many years would be applied without mercy. It is, after all, for his own good.

Seeing the results of my treatment, as Patient M’s gradual begins to co-operate is indeed reward enough; however the 6 hours of his journey back to mental health will indeed make a great training manual. After placing the patient in a heavy duty straight jacket for safety, Patient M was walked down to the clinic to experience the delights of the ‘serious kit’ milker for the first time. The only way to effectively restrain the patient for Phase 1, which involved a heavy duty leather body bag, coupled with a multitude of tight ropes, straps to fix him to the table whilst leaving the all-important cock and ball plus nipple area exposed. M’s head was fixed with shrink wrap, over the top of multiple hoods. I kept the milker stroking gently, and, despite the patient’s pleas to speed it up, I continued on my path and moved forward with my plan for more intense tease and denial. Obviously a sample would be collected in due course, but this would be on my terms. Indeed my patient had a very long way to go, towing the line at all times to prove to me that he had entered that calm place before I could then ramp things up to that all important crescendo.

Now, I’m sure you remember me stating at the beginning that Patient M was a complex case. Like any journey to perfect an imbalance, an overnight cure would not be realistic option. Many treatments are indeed required and in more complex ways to ensure that these violent outburst are tempered. I decided that a follow up visit within a 48 hour period was needed, only this time concentrating more on the rubber clinical aspects as opposed to leather. I am pleased to report that this did indeed yield the desired results.....but for how long....only time will tell.

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