Valentines Punishment

Feb 11, 2011

This Thursday has been a productive day, I’ve managed to iron out some camera (photographic) problems Id been having with my stills camera and at the same time, managed to shoot an amusing valentines day film, ready to put on the site for Monday 14th. As always there is trouble at Hanwell Manor. Mistress has a session with an unfortunate slave whom, despite the day, has not managed to produce anything more that a measly card and a plastic flower in thanks for my setting aside my valuable time to session. What’s more, the idiot slave has managed to spell 'Marander' as my first name. I ask you, where on earth did the spell checker go? Ok, I admit I’m pretty guilty of that at times too but hey, he is supposed to make a worthy impression for his Mistress. And NO chocolates OR real flowers??? he has even left the 2 for £2 sticker on the ONE that he bought me. Asking for trouble in the greatest sense of the word, don’t you think.

I’ve also managed on top of my films, to do a pretty fun shrink wrap session with a slave I’ve seen before. Its always a challenge to wrap an entire body, especially when the slaves position is ackward but as usual Ive managed to come up trumps (phew!!!) and achieve the desired effect, head to toe bondage, straps in place, head muzzled and shrink wrapped and now it’s time for the electrics...

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