Venus Fair Berlin

Oct 17, 2014

So here I am at the amazing Venus Fair in Berlin, continuing my drive for world domination of all you poor slaves and subbies all over the globe. Just getting here was quite feat because my chauffeur had to pack half a ton of bondage and fetish gear into the tiniest space imaginable in the boot of my Porche. Just two seats in my sports car, and not really designed for a travelling mistress with all of her luggage, but my God, it goes fast on these German autobahns where speed limits are non-existent. I also have to thank my little slavegirl helper who found herself buried in a list of laast minute instructions from me about exactly what essentials she had to pack for a busy mistress who is putting on two bondage shows a day in this huge pan-European fetish fair. |Of course, my list did not even include all of the personal clothes, toys and accessories without which I would not dream of setting foot outside of my hanwell premises.

To complicate my departure even further, I had demanded that one of my young leather bondage sluts also present himself at the dungeon that day because I thought I might need some relaxation and amusement in preparation for the journey and I needed a subbie to torment to really help me relax. What could be more fun for a somewhat stressed Mistress than our first scene when I trapped him in heavy leather and left him for a while to contemplate his many shortcomings before moving him up to the restrictive delights of Cell Black M, in the very eaves of my West London dungeon.

It was this slave's first taste of incarceration within my cells and I was determined that he would understand just how fearful it can be to be a prisoner within my own private and personal prison. On reflection, i think i may perhaps even have overdone the bondage a little? On top of the leather he was already wearing, I added two pairs of cuffs on each arm, four pairs of metal arm and bicep cuffs and two collars. On top of that lot went multiple lega nd thigh irons which I then joined together to make this a top to toe imprisonment experience. With difficulty he obeyed my instructions to shuffle into the Metal Cell No 1, where |I made him lie on his back whilst I used padlock after padlock to chain his legs down to the floor and keep them wide apart. It took even more lengths of chain to force his legs to bend properly. It was at that point that i realised he was still trying to touch himself and so there was nothing for it but to fix his hands back and down to prevent the slightest danger of any unauthorised masturbation.

Those who visit my chambers regularly will know that I have padlocks of every type and size, all sharing one characteristic: they are permanent, tough and durable. The amazing thing was that in this particular scene I discovered that I had used between 70 and 80 locks to tie up just one poor slave. I might even have felt sorry for him (Ok.. I know that is very unlikely) were it not for the fact that his cock got more and more excited with every chain and lock that wrapped round his body. Naturally, i knew the cure for that sort of sexual behaviour: I pulled his balls and his cock down hard and stretched his arms and his hands up high. The tension, combined with his earlier excitement was more than he could take. With a gasp, he exploded in an almighty and messy climax for which he clearly needed to be punished.

With a long car trip ahead of me to berlin I was in no mood to be lenient, he may only have been half way through his session when he squirted but there was no way I was spoiling my fun... from that point onwards, things got very tough for him.

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