Aug 9, 2013

As those of you following my site closely will know, I'm currently undertaking a new series of V- logs to document my continuing adventures. With the explosion of social media I figured that in addition to the written word, a short selection of video clips may offer you a real flavour of my life as it unfolds right here and now. As you can see, my adventures with the Serious Bondage crew went up as a V-log first. Next, I visited New York and met the wonderful mistress Ariana. Finally I visited the dynamic Irene Boss and lucky for me, she agreed to do a video log-tutorial to document her bull whip skills. Now, I've been in the scene for pretty much two decades but bull whipping has never been requested of me, nor has It been something that appealed....until now.

Watching Irene in action is truly awe inspiring. Her command of the whip speaks for itself.  She has developed a number of positional placements, and arm techniques that assist her in achieving her goal of absolute precision. Working her way through a description of implements, methods of delivery and basic whip etiquette, Domina Boss shows herself to be every inch the master of her art. Of course, there is a limit to what can be shown in this V-log format and so no actual flesh whipping will be viewable. For the full visual impact (pardon the pun) you will need to visit her site, but please do rest assured that she takes no prisoners.

Ending the lesson, I get my first chance to test out my own technique with my first bull whip attempt. Actually, to be honest, I did try once before the camera started rolling so I was a tad nervous as to whether or not I could repeat my ‘beginner’s luck’ success on film.

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