Wackam Enterprises

Mar 7, 2013

 Sometimes I despair! You just cannot get the staff these days. It was a grave disappointment to me to find that several of the slave workers at my Wackam Enterprises had been slacking on the job, failing to meet my high standards and taking advantage of their boses easy going nature. The only answer was to bring in the aid of my good friend Lady Seductress to help instill a little firm discipline and respect among three of my office workers who had all admitted serious failings in their behaviour. All were slovenly in their appearance, one was time-wasting, another whinged and whined about his working conditions while the last one had actually confessed to stealing sellotape for his own use from the stationery cupboard. I signed them all up for a full day’s course in behaviour modification through some serious pain and humiliation. Sometimes, you have to be cruel to be kind and all of the offenders willingly agreed to accept their punishments from two angry Boses rather than face their ultimate fear of being banished from my side.

The human resources course started with an office dress-code inspection which revealed some appalling failings. None of them had tied their ties smartly, one had an un-ironed shirt and one was wearing jeans rather than a suit. When Lady Seductress investigated a little further by undoing their zips and slipping her hand down their trousers, she was shocked to find that one had even forgotten to put his pants on that morning. The way these three behave, I would not have been surprised to find some sissy, girly panties hiding under their clothes but at least we Mistresses were spared that distastefulness on this occasion. I immediately decided to look a little more closely and all were stripped below the waist whilst a summary of their sins was written in indelible ink all over their shirts. An anal cavity inspection was carried out on all of the men, although one wriggled so much that I was forced to bend him over humiliatingly in front of his colleagues and clamp his head tight between my thighs whilst Lady Seductress probed deeply with several of her fingers. I was disappointed to note that as the day progressed, none of the men could resist staring at my friend’s rather open cleavage and that one even looked up her skirt at her little black panties whilst she was instructing him on a new office exercise regime. It was clearly time to up the ante, get them dressed head to toe in some restrictive rubber and move them all to my dungeon for some serious rubber reprogramming.

I am pleased to report that they all performed slightly better when asked to polish up the rubber catsuits that both I and Lady Seductress were wearing, although they needed instruction on how to best shine the rubber covering our breasts and bottoms: two areas where male slaves tend to linger when asked to perform even the simplest of rubber grooming tasks. As an incentive, each slave was bent over in the stocks as we two Mistresses both donned suitably-sized strap-ons to give them a thorough spit-roasting in arse and mouth. I was delighted to see that Lady Seductress was as enthusiastic as me in forcing her cock deeply enough down their throats to make them gag, or in pounding their arseholes until they really appreciated that it is foolish to irritate one’s Mistress in any way.

The remainder of the behaviour modification course sped by in a whirl of humiliating and painful ways. The highlights included milking one slave whilst he struggled to breathe with my rubber-clad rear pressed hard across his face; bare-bottom spankings over lady Seductress’ knee; enforced boot heel worship whilst a slave was tied across my whipping bench, and the careful breaking-in of one subbies’ virgin arse by both of our strap-ons. It was such fun to hear his protestations and whimpers as we took his virginity in such a humiliating way. In the end I do feel that the exercise was something of a success and, although one slave failed to last out the course and was dismissed, the others did show signs that they will now become more worthy workers in my BDSM empire. To finally drive home the lesson, Lady Seductress and I went to the trouble of strapping both of the surviving slaves in restrictive leather bondage bags so that they could be left lined-up together, helpless on the floor, as we retired to the management offices for a well-earned glass of wine and took time to reflect on a training job well done.


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