Wandering Hands

Feb 13, 2012

‘Wandering hands’ is a serious affliction, one which can get the sufferer into some real trouble in the outside world. However, help is at hand as yours truly has diagnosed and dealt with this problem for many years. On this visit, I decided the best course of action was to don a white shirt, black corset and skirt, black tie, shiny long Pvc coat, long black boots and crop in hand. It sets the tone for the rest of the session that way, giving a strong message of ‘no nonsense’.

I started by attaching some strong rope bondage to the slave, tying his arms behind his back and fixing them in a backwards folding position. Padded mittens held the slaves hands in place. Of course my slave was desperate touch his near exploding cock. I tied and secured it upwards to the body harness on his chest to remind him that once in my presence; his cock is owned and controlled by me.

Throughout the session, i subjected my new slave to the tightest levels of bondage, the strictest ropes and the heaviest weight strait-jackets, all to keep the wandering hands at bay. My fear is of course that the syndrome returns, repeat visits are necessary to keep this affliction at bay.

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