Wankathon Wednesday

Feb 14, 2015

We had a frantically busy day in the clinic today for my first Wankathon multi-day, with student nurse Sherry and I checking out the masturbatory credentials of several patients before attempting to obtain full spunk samples for future research. Our first patient was new to the clinic and to the idea of multi-days, even though he has seen other mistresses before. Brought downstairs to the clinic he was soon stripped naked and being measured by student nurse Sherry who was anxious to uncover the length and girth statistics of all of our patients in both a flaccid and aroused state. His treatment then got underway with a stroking technique from Sherry whilst I was strapping him down on the medical bench. We prescribed a session on the Venus wanking machine as the next stage in his treatment, accompanied by my student nurse using a teasing process by popping here breasts out of her uniform and massaging them in front of the patient. The treatment was interrupted for a short while because both I and nurse Sherry needed to use the bathroom, although we luckily managed to combine our urination with our patient’s treatment by laying him naked on his back on the wet room floor and both emptying ourselves over his face and body. As usual, I produced a full shower for him but my student nurse was clearly not quite as full as she thought. Pissing on her patient did arouse the girl, however, and so it was necessary for her to use the magic wand vibrator on herself once we had the client back in the medical chair. When she climaxed the patient was given the chance to lick the vibrator head clean of her juices before we both milked him and extracted a full sample of spunk. It was decided that he had passed his medical ‘with distinction’ and, like out other patients, he will be awarded his certificate to that effect at a future session. Our next patient is well known at the Hanwell Clinic: his notes warn of his predisposition to disappear and hide from the nursing staff seeking to help him – not from fear but from a misplaced sense of mischief and fun. Once we had retrieved him and got him soundly strapped on the medical bench, student nurse Sherry quickly took her base measurements of his flaccid cock length and diameter because he was already showing signs of engorgement at our touch. I found it necessary to apply heavy medication and hood him whilst Sherry smothered him with her naked breasts. We applied the Venus machine and tied up his balls because he was already mega-thrusting Once again we found time to put him on the shower room floor for a severe piss soaking, although this time because the floor was wet and cold from the last shower, it was clear that his equipment was rapidly returning to below even its base measurement level of flaccidity. I also noted that student Sherry’s piss aim is not as good as mine and she clearly need more practice and training in that department! The Venus eventually extracted another full condom sample but I regretfully have to report that this patient recorded only a merit on his chart… no ‘distinction’ in his case. Our third attendee had been sent here by his own Mistress for total tease and arousal. He has been suffering a lack of engorgement problem and some sensitivity issues so he was a good case for my young nurse assistant to study. She worked hard to show him her body in as teasing a way as possible and engorgement was soon clearly visible, although it was noted that this followed a ‘bell curve’ of rising and then levelling off as the session continued. I was pleased to see progress but, as this patient was NOT allowed any final release or climax then there was no sample for us to judge and he recorded merely a ‘pass.’ The final patient of the day is a well-known and filthy slut with whom I have been developing many new lines of training and control. I knew that in the past he had imbibed so many aroma medicines that he had been unable to climax and I was not expecting any sample. His frustration does, however, bring out the inner filthy whore in him and student nurse Sherry soon found his predicament so arousing that she decided to test his utter filth levels further by making him clean out her (frankly not quite clean) bottom hole. His tongue got to work with gusto and Sherry decided that another orgasm was in order for her, if not for him! By this time, surprise… surprise, both of we nurses were somewhat desperate to empty our bladders again and so we gave him the new experience of a double soaking back in my medical wet area. We jointly applied lots of the Venus machine and some additional wand treatment while Sherry sat on his face, but alas were not able to collect the sample we required: he still earned a merit for trying so hard and Sherry and I were confident that with his frustration levels as high as they were, he would be wanking furiously and calling out our names before the night was out. All in all a successful wankathon and a game that may be repeated in future multi-day sessions at Hanwell Towers. Bookmark and Share
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