Waste Not Want Not

Aug 24, 2014

As my regular slaves know, recycling is one of my guiding passions here at Hanwell Towers and I hate to see good spunk, piss or any other bodily fluids go to waste when they could be used to feed and nourish my stable of willing submissives. It was a lesson I rammed home in no uncertain terms to one of my loyal subbies the other day when we took recycling to the max in a long session utilising each of my dungeon rooms to the full. Starting upstairs in the main dungeon room I soon had him suspended from the ceiling by a full leather body harness while I taught him to appreciate the scent and the tastes of his Mistress’s body. They say that “horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow,” but I have to admit I was glowing a lot that night after a long day tormenting a series of slaves whilst dressed head to toe in tight rubberwear.

I could never trust this particular subbie not to try and take unacceptable liberties if he is allowed too close to his Mistress’s body and so I had secured his head immovably with the aid of a tight metal gag and ropes strung to the ceiling hooks. That meant that I could safely tease him to distraction by allowing his nose within a fraction of an inch of my ‘glowing’ armpits. As he started to appreciate the smell, I was able to rub the scent of my sweaty armpits onto my fingers and feed them between the bars of his gag to increase his arousal even more. Feeding a range of different scents to his trapped nose and tongue I had to simultaneously tie and separate his bollocks to ensure that his sexual desire did not reach danger point: I had a lot of torment planned for this subbie before he got near the point of any climax.

Transferring to the suspension room I continued the theme of head entrapment by strapping him into the bondage throne in front of the full length mirror so that he could watch and appreciate all of the painful games I was about to play with his helpless body. I had carefully positioned him directly under one of my electric hoists and I could see the fear in his eyes as the hook slowly descended to hang right in front of his eyes. Using the same German metal gag, which fills the mouth with a solid rubber ball and also has a useful metal ring, I fixed his mouth to the hoist and started to lift. It’s amazing how helpless a subbie can be when he can’t move his head in any direction; all the perfect position from some serious cock and ball torture.

After an interesting spell in my delightful new medical clinic, involving spit swallowing along with various medications and intrusive examinations, we found ourselves once again back in the upstairs dungeon with slave in a leather body bag and only his mouth and his genitals easily available to my attentions. By them I was badly in need of relieving my bladder and I could see the wretch lusting wriggling as he watched the piss pour out of me and into a clear measuring jug. With the aid of a syringe I soon had the house champage pouring down his breathing tube, giving him a clear choice: either swallow everything I demanded… or choke. As a finale there was only one more recycling task to perform. A full milking carefully controlled into a condom allowed me to tip the contents into his mouth and watch him struggle to swallow it all.

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