Watching Me... Watching You.

Mar 21, 2015

It's been a manic and kinky week of movie mayhem for your Mistress as she played host to her American visitors, all keen to get their hands on each other's bodies, and on my vast range of bondage equipment, rubberwear and unique BDSM machines designed to stimulate, punish and pleasure all of my willing slaves. The latest day's shooting started off with petite Elise Graves stripped naked in my medical room and forced into a heavy, black, 'Rubber's Finest' hood which has the wonderful additional extra of video specs built-in where eyholes would normally be found. Once the specs are attached to a video camera watching and zooming in on the action, the trapped subbie can view every close-up detail of what is happening to their bodies, without being able to do a thing to prevent it!

I wanted to have my hands completely free to do nasty, perverted and painful things to little Elise, and so for this shoot I gave control of the video cam to anothe of my American guests, submissive Brianna, who for once was able to watch the torture unfolding without feeling the pain herself. She did a great job in capturing every moment of the session so that Elise would see inside the blackness of her hood just what I was doing to her under the brightness of the medical lights outside. Brianna seemed to particularly enjoy zooming in for close ups of Elise's tormented pussy and her rapidly enorging nipples. To cap it all I had another slave working hard to capture every moment of what was happening on another main movie camera; a real 'watching me... watching you' moment for a film that will grace my members site in the weeks to come.

The medical suite was soon echoing with squeals of laughter, interspersed with squeals of pain as I let Elise enjoy the anticipation of the tortures yet to come. She found it fascinating that I could speak directly into the camera so that, even behind her all-enveloping hood, she could see my face talking to her and letting her know what trouble she was in. Naturally, I started by strapping her arms and legs as tight as possible to the medical bench and lifting her legs, well apart, into the gynaecological stirrups that allow such easy access to her most sensitive parts. But that was a little in the future because, first of all, I needed to give her pert nipples a good going over with the 'Serious Kit' hydraulic breast milking attachments that squeeze and then relax around her nipples with a constant and inexorable rhythm. I think Elise realised for the first time that this was not going to be all fun when I switched on the electric bars that were nestled inside each side of the breast pump. To complete the electrics treatment I had to add a pussy plug roped in tight and large electro-pads covering all of her pussy lips to ensure that she felt well-fucked with ever surge of the current.


The electrics were starting to bite but Elise was still a little too quiet for my taste: a state I was soon able to remedy by turning up the power to the point where she was wriggling and whimpering and starting to squeal. Being a kind Mistress, I did give her the choice of whether her nipples or her pussy electrics should be turned up even higher, but she was much too slow in answering which meant I had to push bthem both boxes up a painful notch or two. Her screams seemed to suggest that she was having lots of fun in her own private rubber-hooded Hell and, as I needed a break for a while, I thought "why bother to let her free?" She was in misery incarnate but at least had the satisfaction of being able to watch herself being royally fucked and suffering for a few hours on her own.

In the meantime I turned my attention to her American friend Brianna who was soon in a rubber catsuit, placed inside a rubber bag and then oiled up from head to foot. Placing a powerful vibrator between her legs to buzz away and keep her happy, I thought I had earned a much-deserved rest: But where to sit in the middle of a session? The only answer was on Brianna's face, even though she did seem to keep wriggling around and moaning that she was not getting enough air squeezing in past my rubber-clad bottom cheeks. Honestly, all some of these slaves think about is their own air-supply rather than their Mistresses comfort! In the end I decided I had to let her breathe a little because there were days more filming to do and lots of plans of how she and Elise were going to suffer at the hands of an experience English dominatrix. All will be coming soon to a Mistress's club website near you.

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