Welcome June

Jun 6, 2011

It seems like the year is whizzing by like fury now. Its already June, the half term break well and truly behind us and the working week gets back to normal. Breaks are good of course but too much ice cream and desserts are not good for the figure. So here i am, back to pounding out the time in the gym once again and back on track (as of today)....just in time for the summer holidays lol.

As to be expected, I’ve not managed to get in a lot of playtime so it been wonderful getting the gear back on after what seems like a lifetime (well 7 days absence all told). Somehow i seems to have lost my diary that i took away with me so im hoping there is no double bookings. If you have booked via phone calls during the 26th may to the 2nd June please recall the premises to secure your slot. Email bookings are fine, i have a record of those, but unfortunately phone call appointments are what i do not have a record of now. Sorry.

Next week I’m off to royal ascot with my female slave. The day promises to be interesting, sherry has already got plans on what shes looking to bet on, she has also decided Pimmes is the order of the day, obviously with Pimmes being my current favourite drink of the hour i will of course not let her drink alone (well someone has to keep an eye on her)...but who will keep an eye on me haha...

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