Welcome Slave

Sep 4, 2012

Seizing the opportunity to introduce a new slave to the delights of Hanwell Manor is sheer joy. Nothing is more entertaining that breaking in fresh meat, even if he is experienced elsewhere, there is always a few hidden gems in my arena that will guarantee the slaying of the competitor. I use the terminology of slaying as sometimes sessions can be a battle of wills. Will I manage to outsmart and surprise my sub, will he succumb to my charms. Of course the odds are stacked in my favour; I am indeed on home turf. However, faced with sometimes a voice of experience i do wonder if there are new tricks to bewitch and conquer; only time will tell.

As it happens, I’ve not managed to have my 100% success record tarnished, my latest male is a very pleasant individual indeed, willing to experience new things and leave the session in my hands. Of course, i do go through the ritual at the beginning of asking preferences but let’s be completely honest, once your bound, tied and gagged, who is in charge??? Need I say any more? Ok enough procrastinating and down to business. Rubber is the order of the day and lots of it. After dressing subbie suitably with access points I set about inserting electrics to every imaginable orifice. This is a gradual process as luckily enough my slave has never had this before. Just like a virgin taken for the first time, this electric initiation will stay with him forever, love or hate it. Of course my slave loves the sensation it brings, pumping his ass, working his nipples (especially the nipples as they have seen some abuse elsewhere the telltale signs are in place for sure).

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time passes, one hour passes into two and I’ve not covered nearly enough of what I wanted, but isn’t that always the case I think to myself. I wish I could have done a, b, c but such is life. The good news is I managed to cover the body board, the sling, and the bondage table. I’ve managed to use lots of rubber, lots of toys, regular hood changes, gags, feeding of some delicious golden nectar. I’m looking forward to next time already.

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