Welcome To LA!

Sep 25, 2013

After a long flight to Los Angeles, during which time I managed to devour an entire novel on the plane, it was time to head to the famous 'Sanctuary,' one of the city's top BDSM venues, to meet Mistress Cyan. For those of you who have not had the pleasure, I should point out that Mistress Cyan runs a very busy and extremely large dungeon with a mixture of subs, dommes and kinksters of all sorts in attendance. With the help of her dedicated team and established contacts, the sanctuary offers a wealth of experience catering for tuition, club nights, play stays and so much more. Naturally staying at such a venue is an electrifying experience. Moving from room to room, you can see that Mistress Cyan's establishment is a glorious all scenes kinky. The venue ozzes friendly charm and everyone is made to feel incredibly welcome. I find that jet lag is both a blessing... and a curse. It helps with the early mornings on this side of the Atlantic which is a great help to me. Have you any idea how long it takes to put curlers in yourself, fix your make-up, and organise the unpacking of two case loads of clothes? Even though I've managed to hit my weight allowance (and my partners) on the way here, my actual everyday clothes could comfortably fit in a carrier bag! I've also packed clothes that are really fit to be thrown away so that I can have the flexibility to buy more. My desire of new equipment never flags. Today's shoot took place inside an interesting location, to say the least! 'Binds jail cell' is located in a residential area of L.A. but once you step inside the transformation is astonishing. The interior is unique and fascinating. You are taken back in time to a USA jail block of an indeterminate era where Bind has spent a lot of time and money perfecting the prison experience. The creator of this masterpiece has even gone to the trouble of building in genuine locks, decommissioned from various US jails. on eof those locks is at least 80 years old and another is just 20 years it s junior. The only problem I could see is that there is only ONE master key; problematic to yours truly because I do have as I have an annoying habit of loosing keys (a weakness that my chastity slaves know only too well). The jail consist of three separate cells, a large play-cell with fixing points offering suspension options, a solitary confinement cell and a third cell with bunk beds. A movable chemical toilet means prisoners can be incarcerated here for days at a time. Outside the cells the walls are adorned with every type of genuine shackles known to man. A rail at the back of the cell offers prisoner striped uniforms, guards' uniforms and restrictive bondage muzzles or strait jackets to contain the most dangerous of prisoners. Bind's attention to detail and his enthusiasm certainly make up for the lack of space. The air conditioned play-space certainly struggled to keep things cool; unsurprising when there were film lights and ten people filling the area. It got so hot that replicating the 'cooler' scene from the Great Escape movie would have been a breeze. This shoot was my first opportunity to meet Ashley Renee. I've admired Ashley's work for a long while and I'm pleased to report that working with her has been a true delight in every sense of the word. Ashley has a real passion for bondage and was enthusiastic to get into some new and challenging positions. My interest was piqued immediately by unusual, metal elbow restraints (I think I might have to get myself some of those!) and her tight latex made-to-measure straight jacket looked phenomenal. Working abroad, without all of my usual equipment to hand, can be challenging: there is a constant urge to reach for this and that, thinking "I wish I had my electric box"... or 'I wish I had my anal hook'.... but using what's available does have a charm of its own. So here I sit, in Denny's diner at 5 a.m., three hours after I woke up after just four hours of sleep (Oh... the joy of jetlag) reminding the lovely waitress that for me an omelette will be perfect without the accompanying grits, toast, pancakes and syrup that she seems hell-bent on feeding me. In fact, the unlimited coffee does seem to be going down a storm. Today's coming adventure will see me at 'Extreme Restraints.' It's a visit I have been really looking forward to. I can't wait to start filming but, most of all I can't wait to have a good look around their stock room!! This is going to be fun. Bookmark and Share
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