Well Vetted

Oct 15, 2011

You know the thing about being a Domme ? Its that despite the numerous sessions we undertake, despite the years we play, you can still find something that is new, different and fun to play with. Thursday was no exception to the rule as I met a new slave who has travelled some distance to visit me armed with gifts (even better lol). What you may cry has Mistress in such a tizz? Well in a word vet-rap or is that two words. Vet rap is a product that thanks to my mad cats escapades at a earlier date I have I have indeed had experience of. However, I have never sessioned with the stuff....until now.
Armed with two large carrier bags of the stuff we set about tying and encasing the slaves head, arms legs and mouth. This gear is amazing, it grips nice and tight and is breathable. It doesn't stick to hair but sticks to itself so it's perfect for encasing. Time was of the essence and a session such as this does take time but rest assured I will be playing with this remarkable stuff again, watch this space.
Ps, I got another gift from another slave that day, a delightful metal yoke, very heavy duty...

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