Whats the worst that could happen?!

Jun 18, 2013

When a slave complains of a prolonged period of absence from wanking his cock half to death, you would assume yours truly would commend such dedication, such servitude to his Premiere Mistress. The problem is I KNOW this is a blatant lie of epic proportion, why??? As he had had a session the week previous and got to taste his enjoyment with a mouthful of his 'wild oats' sowed in unfamiliar places.

Naturally such heinous behaviour needed stamping out by a severe dose of humiliation, fear and genuine panic....all for his own good of course. Summoning him to my dungeon on a monday morning is never a good sign, especially when its earlier than my usual working hours. Naturally I insisted he be ready with butt plug pumping before I even entered the room and woe betide any slave who doesn't have my box set to a minimum of 50 per cent. If I'm not hearing moaning, I'm not satisfied.

Knowing this slaves inner most fears and using them against him on a regular basis messes with his head sufficiently to make him putty in my hands. Of course the ultimate nail in the coffin so to speak includes the ultimate humiliation for him, making him beg for his mummy. Ok this may not seem like a big thing on paper, but forgoing safe words in favour of 'please mummy, please mummy' is a sure fire way to reduce an influential man in his vanilla life to tears.

Of course I like to go in close and see the fear in his eyes, watch them water, the blood vessels getting more encouraged as his panic settles in for sure. Now we are well and truly on a ride of his life, using the analogy of a wave I ease him back and forth the crest of panic and fear, watching as the gaps between get shorter and shorter as the adrenaline is flowing and there is pretty much no escape from my gaze.

Boring into his soul I reaffirm his place, under me, suffering for me, he is my puppet and I will make him dance with fear and trepidation. Naturally the besotted slave will do what is necessary to please. I now flourish his with journeys to come, perversion that comes to mind that HE will be enduring, he just doesn't know when.

Wrapping him into his final position, a body-bag on the body-board with every available strap used to keep him in place, I decide that on this occasion, relief should be granted. However next time.....

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