When Technology Works

Jun 18, 2012

You know me; I love a new gadget, gizmo or device to bring into Hanwell manor. Ironically sometimes technology can let you down, however today was the exception to the rule as Mistress was on form to deliver a long rubber, breathing and ‘otherworldly’ experience with the aid of my video specs. Picture the scene, subbie trussed, wrapped and expertly tied in the medical room, after a good warm up with my Rubber ‘smell bag’ suddenly being faced with a combination of viewing my newest and finest films on a pair of video specs and taking a damn good probing and teasing. ‘Amazing’ was the comment, but better yet was the fact that I could couple the DVD camera to route direct to the video specs, trapping subbie in even more bondage, hoods and layers and despite the rubber enclosure, being able to watch what was going on!!

Hours and hours flew by, luckily my domestic was on hand to do all the essential washing and tidying, not to mention the even more necessary hot drink top ups that I must have to function! Let’s just summarise by saying a successful day, an even more successful new toy test and hopefully more devices ways to use this device will follow, let the creative juices flow!

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