Wheres the Power in That?

Aug 19, 2011

What a day to remember, apart from seeing almost all new subs Monday, I had an interesting evening thanks to my electricity supplier. Picture the scene, my new slave arrives for his first intensive anal session. All goes well, suspended on the sling with his legs pinned and ready for action, here comes Mistress with some serious playthings when....yes you've guessed it, power GONE!!!!! The thing about my industrial unit, no windows means when the lights go out the room goes deepest night black! Not a speck of daylight. After some frantic searching for the candles (thanks to my wonderful receptionists keen eye), were back in business. However, no electricity means no release from the sling, no ups no downs, no music. Good job its summer and no heat is needed.

So, the session works a treat, despite the opening setbacks. At the end, guess what, the power.....didn't actually come back but luckily my agile slave could climb free of the sling. Def will buy a few torches for Hanwell, although sods law they won't ever get used!

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