Whippendell Woods

Dec 12, 2012

Picture the scene, the ground is pure white with frost, the sun hasn't risen, its 6:45 am and minus 5 outside. What, you may ask am I doing up at this time? The excitement of a photo shoot in the woods has got my brain on overdrive. I've packed all the necessary outfits and props the night before but there is hair to curl, make- up to apply and latex to pour myself into. Despite the best efforts of my slave to deter my enthusiasm (well we are both still suffering from chest infections that are taking too long to go) I'm determined to get the shots I want, but there's a bit of work to do first.

After the essential personal make over, coffee in the flask and 2 outfits plus a rain-mac in place (yes all on at once) off we head to Whippendell woods. My photographer friend has a wonderful wolf that suits the images to a tea, if the lively devil would only sit still! Its ok, I have my own human dog who is far far better trained at sitting.

Hat, no hat, leather trouser, corset, whip, no whip then strip, layer one comes off and a frozen MM is stood in minus 4.5 degrees in a wood wearing a single black catsuit and thigh boots. It has to be said that it was probably the fastest shoot ever, 45 mins tops (probably less) and I'm looking forward to getting out of the gear and into my normal clothes. Why I didn't put my thermals on under the rubber ill never know! The usual slippery slidy sexy rubber glide on my skin acted more like a frozen wet layer than an erotic charge, however, when all is said and done I'm looking forward to another round of it next week with another set of costumes. Great fun, quite funny trying not to sink and slip in high boots and avoid the dog walkers. Keep an eye on the site for the results I'm sure they will be outstanding. Well you can never accuse your Mistress of being a lazy bones now can you!

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