Wine Me, Dine Me, 39 Me.

Feb 24, 2014

As soon as I saw slavegirl Sherry fit three cock gags to the slaves I had tightly bound in a row on my dungeon floor I knew my birthday party was going to be fun. Sherry rode herself to exhaustion on their faces while I busied myself tormenting their cocks and balls with both electrics for pain and my Magic Wand vibrator for pleasure. What better way to get my birthday officially underway? The theme of the multi-slave celebration was the number 39 – my last day in my thirties and a fitting way to see out that decade of my life in sexy style. The slaves who had come to celebrate with me and Sherry were soon learning that the number 39 could be either fun or could bring them torment and trouble.

I was determined to go out of my 30’s in style: everyone had told me that reaching my milestone birthday would make me worry about my age but in fact having all of my most loyal and obedient slaves around me was hugely invigorating and it was even better that they were all at my absolute beck and call for whatever games I decided to play. Because I was so much in the mood, I ended up using every single room in the dungeon to celebrate in style, starting downstairs where Sherry was in her most teasing mode and I could torment everybody to my heart’s content. Nipple torture, cock and ball torture, breath control and watersports… we did it all.

Yet what would any birthday party be without candles? Not in this case for me to blow out on a cake, but for Sherry and I to drip hot wax on my slaves’ most sensitive areas of their cocks, balls and nipples. The rules of our party game were simplicity itself. They each got 39 drips of hot wax wherever we decided to hold the candle but if they blew the flame out or made too much noise then the count started from 1 all over again. I think I caught young Sherry cheating a little when she held the candle so close that the slaves couldn’t help but squeal, but most of the men took their treatment in style. There is, however, always one who misbehaves himself and the noises he made when I dripped hot wax directly onto and into his little bumhole meant that everyone had to endure one last round of drips before my game was over.

One slave had bought me six bottles of my favourite wine and others had come along with champagne (the French variety… not my warm house special vintage) and the bottles were soon opened and some hospitality dispensed. As all of my regular clients will know, I would never normally mix alcohol and domination games – but this was a very special occasion, all of the guests were people I know very well indeed, and I think everyone enjoyed getting just a little merry as the afternoon wore on. It was sad that a few of my regular slaves weren’t able to get there – but they should be assured that we all had quadruple the fun in their absence. Everybody mixed well; perhaps helped that several of them ended up getting acquainted with each other a little more closely than they had expected, once I locked them face to face in my wonderful double-gag. The consolation was that there was just room between their bodies for Sherry to slip in between and work some of her special teasing magic on them both.

Then it was onto a more personal birthday treat from me for each slave in turn in my medical clinic. Spells on the wanking machine for each of them allowed them some celebration time with me whilst Sherry busied herself with the remainder of the party guests all tied up in a row on the dungeon floor. Some face-sitting, cock and ball electrics and treatment from the magic wand got each of them impossibly frustrated before naked Sherry lay herself flat out across their bodies and turned the vibrator on herself. They had the time of their lives feeling her writhing in ecstasy across them all as the good vibrations brought her climax after climax until she was satisfied. I can’t say she came all of the 39 times she wanted – but she had a damned good try!

The party went on for hours until everyone was happy and more than a little exhausted. Then it was time to send everyone home happy and leave me a little pre-birthday peace to open all of my lovely presents. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful gifts and a memorable day. Happy Birthday to Mistress Me!

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