Winter Fetish

Dec 2, 2010

Despite the threat of bad weather, I had an 8 hour rubber and breath play session yesterday with a subbie who travelled quite a distance to play. Joined by Mistress Claudia for the first hour, we waited in a darkened room for the slave to enter. We gave him the surprise of his life. Immediately we stripped him naked and set about covering him head to toe in rubber, before binding him to my bondage table, all to show him what two devious mistresses can do to enjoy themselves at a lesser males expense.

Neadlessless to say he was promptly fitted onto my rebreathing system with both ours and his recycled air being used to assert control of his senses. Next we frog marched our captive to the medical room to experiment with his orifices, our slave learning quickly what double penetration on a man ment. Sounds and toys filling him with Mistress Claudia doing her worst whilst i tormented him and forced him to breath on my triple rebreathing machine, this slave was soon flying with our words and actions. The remainder of the session was a one to one. I used all my rubber inflatables to keep this slave trapped and subdued 

What an amazing day.

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Medical Room Dungeon Room Suspension Room