Woman Vs Machine

Jan 28, 2014

 Keeping count of slavegirl Sherry’s multiple orgasms on the Sybian female masturbation machine proved harder than expected as she moaned, groaned and wriggled her way into double figures and beyond at Hanwell Towers last night. With the intense vibrations on her clit, the rotating dildo in her pussy and another fucking machine working her mouth, Sherry was in seventh heaven until she realised that the machine wasn’t stopping just because she had enjoyed an orgasm or two… or three or four. I had put her in strict rubber bondage, suspended on my electric hoist, so that I would be the one who would decide when enough was enough for her wet little pussy. I was filming the entire ‘Woman versus Machine’ experiment for my club site and I was determined that either my slavegirl, or the machine, would eventually have to give in and admit defeat.

The day started with Ian from the wonderful Machinefun.co.uk. site arriving with two different types of fucking machines plus the brand new Sybian machine – fresh from America and never yet road-tested on any British clit and vagina. I was pleased that he had decided that I was the perfect Mistress to encourage a few forced orgasms in bondage out of Sherry and the new machine, before he allows others to hire it in the weeks to come . I started gently with Sherry dressed head to foot in rubber and lowered in a suspension harness so that her wide-open legs draped over each side of the Sybian and the vibrating head was just millimetres from where she really wanted it to be. Sherry has been rather badly behaved lately and I was determined not to be easy on her as the ordeal by machine continued. It took just a touch of the button on my electric hoist for Sherry’s clit and pussy to push down on the Sybian and for her to start to moan with pleasure. One of the great things about the device is that the controls are highly sensitive, making it easy to speed up and slow down the vibrations. Naturally, I had strapped Sherry’s hands out of the way so that I, not her, had the controls to determine how much pleasure she received at any one time. It was not long before Sherry was begging me to speed the vibrations up a little and allow her to cum. ‘Oh well,’ I thought… ‘why not give her a climax… there will be plenty more to follow.’ Within seconds my slavegirl was in the throes of a powerful Big ‘O’ and I realised that the inside of her rubber suit was getting distinctly wet.
Soon enough it was time to strip some of the rubber layers off of Sherry’s body and put the dildo attachment to good use. I certainly didn’t need any lube to slide it into Sherry’s now fully-exposed pussy because she was still dripping wet from the first round. The lifelike cock projection not only rotates gently inside her vagina, but also vibrates as well, which adds to the strong clit vibration from the main body of the device. With my rubber layers now between her and the machine, Sherry was writhing around almost immediately and orgasms two and three snuck up on her before she really knew what was happening. Taking the cock out to make a small adjustment I had to rapidly mop up the pussy juice flood that was seeping out between her legs. That was about the point where I lost count of her orgasms but I was far from finished with my naughty slavegirl yet.

Moving into the medical room, I laid out several machines to prepare Sherry for the fucking of a lifetime. I made her straddle the Sybian doggy fashion with her pert bottom stuck up in the air. Then I positioned a fucking machine behind her with its large dildo cock pumping in and out of her pussy. She was so exposed to view that I could see her pink inner lips pulling slightly out with every outward stroke of the shaft. The final touch was to position yet another fucking machine – this one with a vertical shagging motion – right under her head so that she was forced to deep throat a cock while she was fucked and vibrated to yet more delicious climaxes. I had billed the day as ‘woman versus machine’ but in the end there really was no contest. Sherry was begging me to stop after so many multiple climaxes and – eventually – I did. It would be an exaggeration to say that she left the room bow-legged but her poor pussy lips were distinctly swollen and it will be a while before she misbehaves again. Just beware Sherry, the ever-helpful Ian has promised to lend me the Sybian again if I need to put you back in your place again. Machine 1: Sherry 0.

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