World Domination Continues

May 27, 2014

It’s not every day you find a half-naked girl suspended in bondage from the bannister rail in your hotel or watch an attractive German woman whimpering her way to an orgasm a few feet away at the next table as you eat your late-night, chicken salad supper. But such kinkiness is all par for the course at the BoundCon gathering in Munich where I’m currently putting on stage shows as part of the continuing madness of promoting my newly-published autobiography to the discerning literature aficionados of the USA and Europe. The amateur bondage fun in the hotel each night is the culmination of the continuing bondage demonstrations and exhibitions at the conference hall each day.

As you all know, modesty is my middle name, but even so I must confess that my own stage shows here have been showstoppers! I’ve summoned up all of my rope bondage skills to wow the crowds with strapping, trapping and suspending a succession of beautiful bondage models a couple of times in each session. There’s a lot of competition from other Mistresses from around the globe but I like to think the warm applause at the end of each of my demonstrations has been just a little more enthusiastic for me than for some of my fellow dommes. Perhaps it’s the way I’ve used leather harnesses, gags and some of my awesome leather collars to ensure there is no escape for my willing victims: or perhaps it’s the succession of my most stunning outfits that has captivated the audience. Either way… it’s been a lot of fun.

The only shadow on the horizon has been the continuing presence of my pathetic owned slave, Rimmer, who seems to stick to me on these travels in the same way that other, equally unpleasant material sticks to one’s shoe when people have been walking their dogs in the park. Part of the problem is the way he drools and lusts after all of my domme friends such as FetishLiza and Carmen Rivera who stop by my stand to say ‘Hi.’ They just do not need his ugly mug following them around the exhibition. I finally lost patience yesterday and decided that a good and severe thrashing might be the only thing to stop him being a nuisance. Perhaps giving him a pain in the arse might prevent him being a pain in the arse? Worth a try, I thought. I duly dragged the wretch around some of the hundreds of stalls in the hall here which sell everything from high-power electrics to every conceivable kind of cane, crop, paddle and whip. Trying out my potential purchases on his rear was fun but eventually I settled on a short but heavy, leather whip as the most effective instrument to teach him the lesson he so richly deserves.

Then the fun really began as I dragged my slave to a central metal pillar in the crowded exhibition hall, tied his wrist up above his head, pulled his ankles apart with a spreader bar and started swishing the (rather vicious) whip to warm-up my thrashing muscles to their full power. A crowd gathered even before I started beating him, and his squeals and screams of pain were soon echoing around the hall despite the pump-up gag and breathing tube which I’d used to muffle his protests. I’d decided on 50 strokes as a minimum but it’s always hard to judge the impact of a new whip and, much against my better judgement, I let him off of the last few blows when his legs started giving way and I judged that he had probably learned his lesson – for now.

This morning is the last day of BoundCon and, by public demand, I will be putting on one more stage show before setting off with my driver in the Porche for the 800 mile dash back to London. Much though I enjoy being away on my international travels I do sometimes hanker after my own big bed… and my own dungeon back at Hanwell Towers. Whilst I’ve been away, a team of experts has been renovating the dungeon from top to bottom, building me a new office, new showers and – most importantly – a new medical suite from which my alter ego, Nurse Despair will soon be dispensing her own unique brand of kinky medical treatments. Obviously I don’t want to worry all of my loyal clients and slaves but I have modelled part of the new, much-larger, clinic on the sort of stainless steel décor much favoured in a morgue! I feel the slight edge this brings to the medical treatments might help set the scene for all my subbies who LOVE nothing more than the most rigorous and in-depth examination by my medical team.
Nest stop Calais!

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