Sep 27, 2014

Being the boss of the Hanwell Clinic for Medical Excellence does have some perks, including being able to take time out from the enjoyment of treating my slaves' sexual perversions to keep up to date with the latest policy and political ramifications of the adult film and internet industry. With such a thriving film and internet business to run it's obviously important that your Mistress sometimes tears herself away from the fun of mistreating all of you subbies to remain au fait with the newest regulations and legislation which may impact upon my company's online presence. Thus today was the second time in just one week that I have shaken off the shackles of my Hanwell premises to rub shoulders with the movers and shakers of the adult industry (or perhaps they were the ones wanting to rub shoulders with me... ha ha)

On Tuesday I found myself at the London headquarters of the Government's broadcasting regulator OFCOM to attend a meeting at which their subsiduary body ATVOD was discussing the latest proposed regulations to safeguard children from the effects of online pornography. As many of you will know, I am a strong believer in the beneficial and therapeutic effects of unlimited porn on demand for grown-ups BUT not for the tender and susceptible eyes and ears of youngsters. It is because of my determination to safeguard children that I have been busy as a Committee member of the Adult Producers Network which works closely with Government advisers to make pornography less easily accessible to minors. Members of my own clubsite will know that all of my fun and grown-up domination and bondage films are now firmly locked away behind age-restricted, childproof barriers. Adults can enjoy the full impact of my vast library of extreme bondage films and pictures but the kids stay safe.

With new legislation coming into force to regulate the online porn industry within the next couple of months, today found me at a second set of meetings at an Xbiz Conference, taking time out from sessioning with slaves to network with strangers to ensure that my own business always operates safely within the confines of UK laws. The conference examined a range of methods of age verification proceedures, vital to all of those in the adult industry and I was able to swap ideas, news - and a little gossip - with a number of other online content providers, ranging from the big commercial broadcasters to more modest operations like my own websites. The biggest surprise of the day was slipping out to take a well-earned break in the Hilton hotel bar only to bump into one of my bestest friends, Fetish Liza. It did give us girls the chance to finalise our plans for her next visit to Hanwell Towers. She will be coming to session with me between the 1st and the 8th of october - an unmissable opportunity for some of you lucky subbies to session with her alone or even to brave the delights of double domination between the two of us!

I left my lovely slavegirl Sherry in charge at Hanwell in my absence and it will be interesting to see how well she had carried out my precise instructions as to a number of important tasks that she needed to take care of: it would be horrible to have to punish her if she hasn't performed well, wouldn't it? There was alas also one other important lesson I learned today: the red dress was a big hitamong all of the other delegates but as for my red high heels... never again!

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