Sep 26, 2013

 Extreme Restraints, as many of you may know, is a US-based equipment company specialising in fetish paraphernalia for all levels of play, from basic bedroom toys and cuffs through to heavy rigorous multi-layered bondage equipment. Naturally a visit to Los Angeles for me would never be complete without me picking up plenty more of the delicious delights that they have to offer here by way of kinky toys. in fact, any time I book any sort of trip to any location, I always research what sort of fetish shops are nearby because my interest in bondage has been a true passion throughout my life. You can, therefore, imagine my delight when I was invited to join the two regular presenters on the Extrene Restraints University couch and speak to both Ian Wrath and Aiden Starr about the joys of bondage and what my skill set brings to the table. Even before this however, I had a guided tour of the entire facility, seeing the operation of their warehouse and packaging departments in full swing. The facility also houses a photographic area in which products are shot as well as producing images of the models for various catalogues and online magazines.

I have ordered equipment from Extreme Restraints in the past so it was great to get to see their behind-the-scenes operation in its entirety. it wasn't long before I met the model for the shoot, Casey Calvert, well know for her porn shoots and other kink-related scenes and the two main hosts Ian and Aiden. Prior to my departure for the States journey I had over to the states, I had already listed my equipment agenda for the shoot. Being the bondage fanatic that I am, I wanted to showcase our UK style of 'multi layering:' using a mixture of various pieces at once. Such a combination can totally immobilise the lucky sub girl's arms and legs in rigid binders, bondage sleeves, posture collars, ball gags, blindfolds, and nipple clamps. This begs for the use of electro stim and - the most exciting of all - an electric wand that vibrates and shocks. You will not be surprised to hear that I just had to buy that particular item straightaway.

The interview began with Ian asking about my background, my interest in the scene, how things started out for me, where my interest developed and basically where I am now in the whole kink scene. We then moved on to talk about my equipment choices, and what in particular had caught my eye. It wasn't long before I had the opportunity to get start demonstrating the equipment in front of the cameras. Being in an 'interview' setting in this way was a new departure for me so I did have some early problems in remembering to speak directly to the camera and not to the hosts. Truth is that I was having such a blast that I completely forgot about the camera a lot of the time so that Ian had to remind me more than once to chat to the camera lens and not to him. It was a learning curve for me, I admit, but I am so used to making eye contact that I'm sure I will be far better yet with a few more goes. It takes a lot of concentration to remember not to sniff, scratch and itch, fidget, lick my lips or any other of those annoying little habits that are so easy to forget about in situations where such distractions are the last thing you want to happen.

It was wonderful to see Casey hugely enjoying the bondage I had applied along with the electro stim and the clamps. Add into that mix the chance to watch Ian and Aiden work her to an orgasm, most definitely real not faked, and I realised how much fun I had been having just taking part in this scene. It was fascinating to learn that Casey can, literally, bring herself to a totally genuine climax on demand in front of the camera. It was particularly gratifying because I had been very hopeful that I would do a good job, despite my waking up so early in the morning because of my jet lagged, sleep patterns. It's interesting that once the bondage equipment comes out and I get the chance to play, sleep suddenly becomes the last thing on my mind.

Once the shoot was over we all headed out for a tasty seafood lunch, and soon enough said our 'good byes' and headed back towards the Sanctuary where I'm scheduled to be taking part in a rope bondage demo-seminar... Ohh its just about to start right now... I'd better get going.

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