You going to put what where????!!!

Jan 19, 2013

 By my very nature it is rare for me to be impressed with any slave’s performance, but this time, ‘OK, I admit it.’ Even I thought that this slave did well, as his arse swallowed up everything that I and my German fellow-dominatrix Carmen Rivera could throw at him during our filming session yesterday. The biggest strap-on cocks in my considerable arsenal of abusive toys, both of our fists - sometimes together - and even our feet all disappeared into his gaping hole as we attempted to break the world’s arse-stuffing record. Many of you will have seen Carmen on the web, and I have had the pleasure of playing with her before as we appeared on stage in Berlin in a fisting marathon earlier this year. But I had perhaps forgotten what a beautiful and skilled Mistress she is, particularly in the dark arts of inserting her hands where the sun does not shine. She had even arranged for her own slave from Germany to act as guinea pig for our rear-ending experiments at Hanwell Towers.

I had moved out much of the bondage equipment from my main dungeon to allow us easy access to the slave’s backside as he was strapped face down and kneeling on my bondage bench in the centre of the room. It was a good thing to do because it meant that my roving camera could capture every intimate detail as Carmen and I donned our biggest strap-ons to probe deep and warmup the slave’s arse for the ordeal to come. Even better, we were joined by my TV friend Zoe Fuckpuppet who went on his own journey of discovery, trying at least three things he had never done to a man before. His first surprise was to find that his own impressive-sized cock was dwarfed by the size of the cocks that both I and Carmen had selected for the day. “Oh shit,” said Zoe. “He’s not even going to feel my cock touching the sides once you two had pounded those things into his rear.” Undeterred, Zoe went first and did his best to open up the slave’s passageway for our larger attentions.

From that point onwards the day went into top gear with cocks and fists a plenty disappearing as we all took turns to push everything we could into this greedy anal whore. Zoe treated us to a fun demonstration of the different style of buggery in which he is such a specialist: they included ‘the Latin’ with lots of rhythm and ‘the jackhammer,’ which does just what it says on the tin. But the highlight was probably introducing young Zoe to the delights of ‘footing’ a slave. It is a tricky game to master, involving donning a heavy rubber stocking, standing on one leg to dip your toes into the box of Trex lubricant on the dungeon floor and then adopting a ballet pose to stretch out your toes towards the victim’s backside. The insertion is surprisingly easy as long as you remember to stretch out your toes and arch your foot to slide smoothly through the anal sphincter. Then it is up to you – and your slave’s limits – as to how far you allow your foot to plunge onwards.
The entire filming session went on for hours, tiring but satisfying and great fun with two good friends and a very accommodating bondage slut. You can see the results on my members’ site in due course and in the meantime I have tweeted a few pictures on my twitter account at missmiranda01. Take a look, sign up as a ‘follower’ and retweet them to your friends. Plenty more films to come.

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