Your Early Bird Mistress

Aug 2, 2013

Dragging my ass out of bed at five in the morning in New York after going to bed after midnight (well I did need to keep you guys up to date with my blog didn't I?) isn't everyone's idea of fun, but you know how hard working your Mistress is, and once I have a bee in my bonnet I have to complete my self imposed task. Knowing that all of my rubber outfits have been videoed in San Francisco I have a smaller choice everyday, even though I have managed to crate a plethora of different combinations throughout the trip. I don't know why but today feels like a 'red' day, so donning my red rubber bra, skirt, shoes and a contrasting black corset seems a fitting ensemble to the magnificent Times Square backdrop. Wandering along the few streets, 'sorry' I mean: 'blocks,' to Times Square, I pass a huge sign advertising 'Kinky Boots, the Musical,' and I wonder if it will make a nice video clip to see me wandering past. Alas my own kinky boots have been passed over today for normal shoes and I don't think it will work in quite the same way.

Times Square is such a hub of activity, I wonder if there is ever a time when no one is around... unlikely I know. I peel off my red over-dress to reveal my sexy rubber creation and snap, snap, snap we have our images. Now, alas, I've still not had chance to view the pictures; I must make a mental note to get more acquainted with this bloody camera. Regardless, the images were in the can, as we film-makers, say and my partner and I were both ready for an early morning latte. For those of you who know me, this will, of course, be of no surprise at all. However, those of you who are not so familiar with this character trait, mistress is a little too fond of enjoying such a milky creation all too often. I've recently discovered a Tesco blend of coconut milk that works as a dairy substitute (and with half the fat of skimmed milk but none of the watery taste of skimmed cows milk) Without this to hand, however, it has been 'skinny lattes' all the way I'm afraid.

Naturally keeping my strength up is a must: a quick dish of poached eggs on spinach and ham put the spring back in my morning step and in no time at all we're heading back to the hotel to do a 'vox-pop,' off the cuff, snippet of a video for U-tube. In fact, hot off the press indeed, is my latest 'video diary' idea of adding video as well as text blogs to my site. I'm sure it will add a new interest to my site and once the idea is up and running I really want to hear from you all with any comments you may have. My idea is to record 'as it happens' pieces to camera, either before or after something special occurs. I hope these will give you all a few behind the scenes insights into my busy, busy life. I'm always being asked a myriad of questions about my lifestyle and hopefully the video blogs will help answer many of those queries.

Believe it or not, I managed a mini workout back at the hotel (admittedly not with my usual ferocity but then, with packing and travelling on my mind, it's not easy to focus) To make my exercise task even harder, my other half decided to wimp out with an afternoon nap, something that did seem seductively appealing. Having trouble ever shutting down is, however, the story of my life. My friends once called me 'whirlwind' because my brain seems to want to focus on five things at once. Ideas pop into my brain in a never-ending loop and unless its the end of a tiring day, afternoon sleeping is problematic. So, all too soon after my short workout and shower, it was time to catch a cab to JFK airport for the final leg of the journey. I was heading for Pittsburgh to meet the famous USA dominatrix, Irene Boss. I'm so looking forward to meeting Irene who has years of experience in the field and is well respected across the globe. Meeting her is a real privilege. In fact, I'm sure the fact that I'm currently sitting on the smallest plane known to man (just three seats wide with a walkway in the middle) in torrential rain, is a dramatic testament to Irene's pull.

I've never before flown in a plane that sounds as though it is powered by a hair-dryer. Neither have I ever before paid so much attention to a Sky Mall catalogue to take my mind off of the turbulence experienced during the crossing. Thank God the flight is under two hours long. It has given me time to write this blog on my phone, plus the chance to ponder as to why I don't own Sky Mall's hot recommendations of a 'Cat Potty,' - the perfect way to train your cat to pee on a miniature toilet, before moving on to a full size toilet (only in America!) why I also don't have a bed armchair (cushions that contour your bed into a comfortable reclining arm chair experience (how about sitting on a couch instead???) And best of all 'heated luggage.' I'm not quite sure why I need luggage that self-heats because even the description is a bit vague. I can gather its something to do with bug killing, but surely bugs would be happier living in toastie warm conditions than cold ones? I guess if I ever get into bug smuggling, at least they will survive.

Ah, good news, we have started our decent. Looking at the Google details for Pittsburgh, it appears that the city has in excess of 400 bridges (420 to be exact) and is also described as 'very picturesque.' Hello Pittsburgh... let's see what naughty fun you have in store for me. I can hardly wait.

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